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At heart, I'm just a fun-loving, midwestern gal who loves spending time in the kitchen! Prior to my culinary journey, I was in my early twenties sharing a townhome with my big sis and could barely fry an egg! After a surprise pregnancy and year long relocation to Fargo to follow my now hubby, I found myself watching the Food Network religiously while my baby girl napped endlessly in her swing. In some ways, I feel like I got a free culinary education from some of the finest chefs in the world! With that said, after giving cooking a go, I was surprised to find that hiding inside of me was a pretty fabulous cook! I get inspired by many things when it comes to food, whether I try something amazing at a restaurant and then want to try and replicate it at home, or notice fresh, in season produce at the market and feel tempted to make something amazing. Either way, I'm excited to be here and share my inspiration with you all!

Michelle C.

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