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Free Download Championship Manager 99 bragian




A port of the German version of Championship Manager, the game was translated into English, French, Italian, German and Japanese. The game was published in 2000, 2000 in France and Germany, and 2002 in the United Kingdom, as L'entraîneur 3. Contents Gameplay The core gameplay of Championship Manager is the same as previous releases of Championship Manager, with minor changes, such as different goals, players and tactics. The basic gameplay is similar to the game Manager '98. Injuries and morale affect the players' performance, leading to a rise in managers' stress levels. Goals are awarded to the managers' team according to the number of goals scored, and the order and timing of the goals is based on the game speed set by the player. The main difference between CM 99 and previous versions is the addition of FM panels, allowing the player to view various statistics and produce individual player instructions. Players will be aware of the player's position, role, position age, and ability. The game contains three game speeds (the slower setting offers fewer game actions, the fastest setting having the most) and three FM panels to view. The player is able to choose to play only as a goalkeeper, striker, midfielder or defender. There are three different sets of teams available to the player; the 'First League', 'Championship' and 'European Cup'. The 'First League' contains teams from every region, and the 'Championship' consists of English teams only. There are a number of different teams for each position, and by choosing the order of play, the game can decide which team is to start in any given game. Each team has a squad of 15 players, with the remainder of the squad being substitutes. In the game there are a number of secondary and extra-time periods, allowing the player to manage the team during extra time. The game continues with the same number of teams on each side, and the order of play can be selected again. The player has control of substitutions during these periods, as well as control of the referee. The player can view the behaviour of the players in the squad in the 'Inner Panel', and the management of the players' fitness and morale can be displayed in the 'Inner Panel'. The player can use 'Physical Training' to enhance players' strength and stamina and can use 'Medical Treatment' to treat players' injuries and illnesses. There are four types of objectives in




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Free Download Championship Manager 99 bragian

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